Enterprise Website Solutions

Imitation solution

Functional safety and stability

Imitation solution

Design and functional imitation of target websites to reduce costs.

Revised solution

Make revisions to the site as required

Revised solution

According to your website needs, the website is fully optimized and upgraded.

Enterprise solution

Custom Enterprise Product Website

Enterprise solution

Beginner + front-end designer meticulous planning, design 1 to 1 communication.

Brands solution

Brand corporate website customization

Brands solution

Designer 1 to 1 Communication, 100% Customization + Total Station Planning.

High-end solution

Customize solutions for large portal needs

High-end solution

Professional copywriting + designer planning, make your website beautiful.

  • Soft Portal

    Software download

  • Game Portal

    Internet gold rush

  • News Portal

    Aggregate traffic

  • Fashion Portal

    Gather hot traffic

  • Health Portal

    Unlimited potential

  • Military history

    Reading military

  • Soft Portal Solution

    Business background
    Software download site Since the establishment of the Internet is the day of the major strangers and contestants, download sites have become very popular forms of the Internet, such as springing up, so a good source of download site is a good website Foundation.
    Benefits of the program
    Create a large-scale software download integrated portal Collection software download, industry information, hot topics equal to one

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  • Game Portal Solution

    Business background
    Mobile games, page tours, and end-game tours have been the hottest industries in the Internet in recent years. As people's daily entertainment increases, the demand for games in life becomes more and more prosperous. A hand-held station with only a few hundred daily flows sells a high price of $1,000.
    Benefits of the program
    The promotion of mobile games has always been the main source of income for the gaming industry. The precise traffic is an IP that is $1.

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  • News Portal Solution

    Business background
    The main force of Internet traffic comes from news portals. Articles of various types and industries can be published on news portals. Therefore, the traffic of news portals is still very objective.
    Benefits of the program
    There are many income channels for news portals, mainly from affiliate advertising, Taobao and offline advertising.

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  • Fashion Portal Solution

    Business background
    If you are a person who pays attention to entertainment, it is a good choice to be a fashion and entertainment website. With the rise of the domestic leisure industry, people are paying more and more attention to leisurely entertainment. There will be an eruption of traffic on entertainment and fashion websites.
    Benefits of the program
    Fashion entertainment type websites are rich in income sources, and promotion of violent products, affiliate advertising, and Taobao customers are all good choices.

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  • Health Portal Solution

    Business background
    With the constant attention to health care and health, the health industry has become a new hot spot for the Nuggets, and many websites on the Internet are unable to meet people's needs. In addition, the gradual liberalization of the good network has created a beautiful map of the health industry.
    Benefits of the program
    The healthy point of the health website is also very good. The health promotion of violence products is not much to say.

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  • Military history Solution

    Business background
    Military and history are the topics that are indispensable in every era. The rise and fall of the country and the knowledge of the ancients can all be seen as the fact that people usually care more about military and historical cultivation. It is believed that history and military websites will become The future of the Internet
    Benefits of the program
    The profitability of historical and military websites is mainly advertising networks. Traffic is very important for military history websites.

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Value-added services

Years of experience to provide customers with a variety of value-added services

  • Effects service

    • JS customization

      Modify or customize

    • CSS modification

      DIV+CSS style modification

    • Web page cut

      Compatible with browsers

    • Web modification

      Function / Modify / Add

  • Collection service

    • Rule repair

      Failure rule repair

    • Rule customization

      Can help maintain

    • Module customization

      Release module customization

    • Train maintain

      On-hook acquisition

  • Custom development

    • Imitation / Revision

      Similarity up to 99%

    • Official Website

      Customized product display

    • Brand Website

      Large brand website

    • High-end Website

      Large portal customization

  • Operation service

    • Website move

      Move your website

    • Website construction

      Pure environment to build

    • Website hosting

      Server stable high speed

    • Purchasing

      Help you evaluate purchasing